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Auto Accidents

57280364Suffering a car accident can be traumatic, especially if anyone suffers an injury. The good news is that most accidents involve only minor injuries that heal on their own, without medical intervention. However, some more serious injuries may not even have outward symptoms. It’s important for anyone who suffers an auto accident to seek medical attention to get any potential injuries diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Types of Injuries
Usually automobile accidents cause trauma to the skeletal system and the soft tissue around it. The more delicate the body part, the more prone to injury it is. That means that the neck, back, and brain are prime candidates for injury during an accident.

The single most common accident injury, whiplash occurs when the soft tissue in the neck is damaged by abrupt movement. The muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves can become stiff or swollen, causing restrictions on movement and soreness. Usually these symptoms subside after a few days, but if they persist, it’s important to see a doctor.

Back pain
Any time the spine and back muscles are moved abruptly or unnaturally, back pain can result. While whiplash tends to occur in rear-end collisions, back pain can arise after virtually any accident. Like whiplash, most minor back pain should go away in a few days. However, if you experience shooting pain, numbness, or pain that lasts more than a few days, go see a doctor.

Joint damage
Many people bang their knees against the bottom of the dashboard during a collision. However, other joints may also be injured, particularly the hips, elbows, and ankles. Joint damage may include swelling, soreness, sprains, fractures, and dislocations. Any sort of joint injury requires medical attention.

A concussion occurs when the brain makes contact with the skull, usually due to a hard blow to the head. They range from mild to severe. Symptoms include dizziness, sleepiness, bruising around the eyes, memory loss, and disorientation. Anyone who suffers a blow to the head should go to the hospital to ensure that any damage is caught and treated.

Spinal Cord Injury
Spinal cord injuries also fall within the category of the most serious injuries one can suffer in an auto accident. If you, or someone else, suffer from what appears to be a spinal cord injury, do not move the injured person without the help of trained medical professionals. Call 911 immediately and do your best to remain calm.

Neck Injury
Neck injuries can range in severity but can oftentimes be very dangerous. We urge you to seek immediate medical care if you are suffering from neck pain or stiffness.

Internal Organ Injury
Internal organ injuries are common in car accidents as a result of blunt force trauma. Ribs often break, puncturing the lungs or other organs. Internal injuries are very dangerous but are not always as easy to recognize. This is why we recommend seeking medical help immediately, after an accident.

Knee Injury
Knee injuries are common in car accidents as a result of impact injury. Knee injuries can be very painful, require rehabilitation and can lead to permanent physical disability. Again it is wise to seek immediate medial attention if you have suffered a knee injury.

Lower Limbs
Just like your knees, you legs are in a very vulnerable position while riding in a car. If you suffer any trauma to your legs during an accident, seek medical attention immediately.

Upper Limbs
Because people often tense up just before the impact of an accident, your wrists, arms and shoulders are very vulnerable to injury. If you feel you may have hurt yourself, see a doctor immediately.

Injuries to the Neck and Back
Disc Injury

Injuries to Shoulders and Arms
Loss of a Limb
Rotator Cuff Injuries
Severe Bruising

Injuries to the Lower Body
Loss of a Limb
Severe Bruising
Knee and angle injuries

Effects May Not Be Felt Until a Later Date
Some of these injuries may not be readily apparent following an automobile accident. Often times heightened emotions and adrenaline can make it difficult to determine the extent of your injuries after and accident. If you believe you have sustained any type of injury resulting from a car accident you should see your doctor right away.